The latest updates on COVID-19

Update:  7.13.20

Dear Beloved Patients and Physicians,

We hope you are all hanging in there during this difficult time.  The world we find ourselves in is not our prototypical world, yet we’ve witnessed such compassion and heartfelt care by those who find themselves on the front lines.  From doctors and nurses to grocery clerks to delivery drivers, there is an abundance of what we’re doing right for each other.

We REMAIN OPEN for in-clinic treatment at all 3 outpatient clinics as well as our pediatric clinic in Liberty Station. Furthermore, we continue to offer Telehealth as an alternative to in-clinic visits. With these two, we’ve also begun to offer a hybrid model that incorporates both in-clinic AND telehealth.

This hybrid model allows our therapists and our patients to collaborate and create a treatment plan that optimizes both treatment methods in order to achieve healthy outcomes.

What is a Hybrid Model?

A hybrid model incorporates a combination of both:

  • in-clinic treatment
  • telehealth treatment
  • works for all 3 disciplines: physical, occupational, and speech for both adult and pediatrics

Why should you consider a hybrid model?

With the challenges of COVID-19 effecting so many of us, a hybrid model allows our therapists and our patients to create a flexible treatment plan within a flexible schedule that is geared toward those who may not have the ability to or the need to come into our outpatient clinic for every treatment yet want the same success toward their rehabilitation goals.

  • Reduces drive time by being able to do a therapy session in the comfort of your home (less traffic, parking, no waiting in lines)
  • Reduces unnecessary exposure during COVID-19 as not all visits require that direct encounter with a therapist
  • Allows for caregiver training at home in the environment it occurs vs in a clinic simulation
  • Opportunity for patient to be seen more frequently within a shorter number of days, which can help with maintaining consistent exercises and progress
  • Fluid plan of care allows for environmental home modifications virtually to improve safety or increase independence
  • Can be heavily loaded in one or the other based on patient needs or circumstances (example: 6 telehealth and 2 in-clinic sessions or 3 telehealth and 5 in-clinic sessions)

As we reopen our doors, we also want you to know that your health and safety is our top priority!

Several new policies have been put in place at each clinic to mitigate your exposure to any infectious disease and ensure your rehab journey is productive. Just a few of these safety modifications include:

  • Requiring all patients and staff to undergo temperature check before entering clinic
  • Requiring all patients and staff to wear face masks inside the clinic
  • Limiting the number of patients within clinic at any given time to ensure safe social distancing
  • Outlining specific traffic patterns within clinic to create and maximize social distancing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing rehab equipment and treatment tables thoroughly after each patient use

We recognize that, despite these safety precautions, there are many patients who are not quite ready to visit us in person at the clinic. Please know that we support this decision and are here to continue serving your rehabilitation needs via Telehealth Services, which we strongly believe provides tremendous value to those who are wanting to continue their rehab exclusively at home.  

Please know we are thinking of you and are here for you in any way we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call one of our clinic locations. Be sure to check back on our website for further updates regarding the status of our clinics.


For additional resources on COVID-19, please click on a link below:

We are currently providing telehealth and/or e-visits for existing patients with the following insurances: 

  • TriCare
  • Anthem
  • UHC
  • CHG
  • Medicare
  • Cigna
  • VA
  • Blue Shield